Rules: [EN | PL]

Place a start platform for each player:

  • Click on an empty corner field.
  • Click again to change its color.
Once done, start the game:
  • Hot Seat to play locally.
  • Online to play over the Internet.
Online game:
  1. Right-click on New join link, copy it and send it to all players.
  2. Open it in a new tab for yourself, if you also want to play.
  3. Wait for all players to join.
  4. Click Start to start the game.


Take at least one your pawn off the Center and get rid of your remaining pawns.


Upon your turn, do one of the following:

  • Build a piece of road ():
    • Click on an arrow to add a platform or a portal.
    • (Optional) Click more arrows to add connections.
  • Jump through a portal ():
    • Click on an active portal.
  • Place a new pawn ():
    • Click on your Start platform.
  • Take your pawn off the Center ():
    • Click on the pawn.
Once done, click End Turn.
To undo, click Reset Turn.